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Cogeco TiVo Customers – Adding TiVo IFTTT with Cogeco to your Smart Home

If you’re interested in Home Automation, then you most likely have used IFTTT (If-This-Then-That) before, but if you’re a TiVo customer you’ve just been handed a new connection that you can plug into your automations! Even better, even though you are a Cogeco customer and use their locked down TiVo interface, you can join the fun as well! TiVo IFTTT with Cogeco is a fun addition to your home automation strategy.

TiVo IFTTT CogecoI recently added the IFTTT app to my Cogeco TiVo box and have been playing with it so I figured I would share my findings and let you know how you can get involved yourself. Note that my experience is with a Cogeco TiVo box, so this may not apply to users of purchased TiVo equipment or TiVo boxes from other cable providers.

Get TiVo+IFTTT Installed

First things first, you need to get the app installed to your TiVo box. To do this you need to send a request to the TiVo team with your box TSN # in order for them to add it to their deployment list. You can do that by going to: You need to enter your name and your TiVo TSN #. You can find your TSN # by looking at the back of your TiVo box or by navigating in your settings to TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Account & System Info > System Information.

Once you’ve made the request you just have to wait. They don’t add new boxes every day as this is a bit of an experimental feature, but you can get involved and get updates through their Facebook Group at: The TiVo moderators regularly provide updates about new actions and triggers as well as providing updates on when they have added new groups to the app.

When they load you in, you’ll see a new app listed under your TiVo Apps section with the IFTTT logo and you’re ready to start integrating.

What You Can Do with IFTTT and TiVo

Currently, the TiVo integration offers the following Triggers and Actions on your TiVo box, but they depend on your TiVo software version so I have found that some don’t work on my Cogeco box:


  • Content from My Shows begins playing
    This trigger will detect when you start playing something from your recordings and allow you to create an action in IFTTT that includes the Title of the show that has been started.
  • New OnePass created
    This trigger will detect when someone creates a new OnePass recording schedule and allow you to create an action in IFTTT that includes the name of the Series that has been set up.
  • Parental Control PIN entered
    This trigger will detect that someone has entered the parental control PIN and create an action in IFTTT with the time and date that it was entered.
  • SKIP segment detected
    This trigger detects the SKIP segments when you are playing back shows from your recordings and can trigger an action in IFTTT based on that. The common use for this trigger so far is an “Auto-Skip” function which detects the SKIP segment and automatically triggers the “D” button from the remote to skip the commercial break.


  • Tune to channel number
    Using a trigger like a voice command from Google Home or Alexa you can have the TiVo box change the channel to a specified channel.
  • Display message
    Using a trigger with a message you can have the TiVo box pop up a message on screen with the message information.
  • Send remote control key
    Based on a trigger action like a voice command from Google Home or Alexa you can send a specific remote control key to the box (like “Pause TV”)

Limitations I’ve Found on Cogeco’s TiVo Box

TiVo IFTTT with Cogeco Change Channel AppletI have not had any success yet working with a couple of the Triggers and Actions on my Cogeco TiVo box which I think is largely because it is not running the most recent TiVo software. So far my experience with the Content from My Shows begins playing trigger has been spotty, and the Auto-Skip function isn’t working for me because my “D” button doesn’t skip the segment properly. These may be my own setup, so I’d be interested in how this works for anyone else on Cogeco’s boxes.

Overall Impressions – TiVO IFTTT with Cogeco

Overall I’ve been very happy with the IFTT capabilities and have a number of IFTTT applets now built into my TiVo box. Some examples which I have liked:

  • If there is a new in-game update or final score for the Toronto Blue Jays or Toronto Maple Leafs, I get a message displayed on my TiVo with the update from ESPN. While the ESPN updates aren’t always as timely as I would like (and sometimes I’m actually watching the game so I don’t need the update) it is nice to get easy updates on screen.
  • I have set up a set of voice commands on my Google Home to trigger channel changes including one that allows me to just say “Channel XXX” and TiVo will change to the number, as well as a few for favourite channels like “Tune to Sportsnet” or “Tune to HGTV” which will trigger the channel change.
  • Every day at 7PM I have Weather Underground’s weather forecast for the next day displaying on my TV.
  • I can ask Google Home “What Am I Watching” and it will send the “Info” key to the box and pop up the show information for me.
  • If I ask Google Home to “Record this show” it will send the “Record” key and start recording for me.

Future integrations I’m working on:

  • When someone presses my new Ring Doorbell, pause the TV and display a message on the TV that someone is at the door.
  • Using a scripting tool I am working on using a voice command to Google Home to trigger the launch of my Plex Media app using remote control commands on TiVo and changing the lighting in my living room to my preferred movie-watching lighting.

There are lots of other ways I’m sure that you can use the existing triggers and actions on TiVo and they seem to be rolling out new Triggers and Actions on a semi-regular basis, so I’m excited for the possibilities of this integration going forward. Even on the Cogeco boxes, there is enough value here to include your TiVo in your home automation strategy.

Tim Empringham

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  1. Mark Ritchie - December 12, 2018 Reply

    I have the ifttt app on my TiVo for days now but haven’t received the code yet. Should I resend a request in for a new ifttt app

    • Tim Empringham - December 12, 2018 Reply

      They generally add TiVo users to the IFTTT app on a periodic basis. Best bet is to check the Facebook group and confirm with them there.

  2. Luc Nadon - December 18, 2018 Reply

    I just sent them the request, now I have to wait. I just got Ooma, so I want to be able to try that when a incoming call comes in, it will display it on the TiVo box.

  3. Luc Nadon - December 18, 2018 Reply

    The menus have changed in the last Cogeco TiVo update. You can find the info you want by going to:

    TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Help > Account & System Info > System Information.

  4. sc ott early - July 15, 2019 Reply

    My channe l gu ide only shows 4 channels and they will not scroll. It is the tivo channel changer.

    • Tim Empringham - August 22, 2019 Reply

      Sounds like a Cogeco or TiVo issue. Sorry for the late reply! Best bet is to call Cogeco support (or whomever your cable supplier is).

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